Rapier Fighting


Rapier Marshal – Lady Feodosiia Alekseeva Zhena

Greetings! We are going to have a variety of interesting rapier scenarios available for the day.

To warm up and test your reflexes, we will have a Cobra Pit. This is a Bear Pit variation. The fighter in the Pit is a Cobra, her weapons are coated in poison, so any hit she makes is fatal, regardless of placement. The first person in line will fight the Cobra. If he loses, then he may join the next fighter in line to fight the Cobra in a 2-on-1. If they lose, they may join the next fighter in a 3-on-1. (And so forth.) when the Cobra is slain, everyone in the pit turns on each other and fights in a free for all. The winner becomes the new Cobra.

After the Cobra Pit, we will hold a round robin mixed weapon tournament.

(If we have high enough turnout, I’d love to also fit in a Blacksword Tournament.)

Come on out and knock off that winter rust!